Support Matthew's House long-term beyond the crisis with monthly financial support.


Matthew’s House, like most things in life, costs money to work. We are grateful to our supporters who have always understood this.

Whilst we received donations from all over the UK to get Matthew’s House started, we know that the only way for the building to be sustained over the long-term is by way of regular monthly support from generous people – Friends of Matthew’s House. This is the most sustainable and cost-effective way of funding, rather than reliance on grants. All monies donated go into an exclusive bank account dedicated and separate from the other activities of The Hill Church. These funds are only ever used for the purpose, development and maintenance of Matthew’s House.

Please can you consider giving a small amount each month to help us as we help others?

People often ask us what sort of things they can donate to Matthew’s House. We do really appreciate all donations but unfortunately, there are some items we can’t accept for health and safety or practical reasons. Here is a list of what we can and what we can’t accept. Thank you for your generosity.

If you want to donate practically please email us on or text/WhatsApp us on 07708115903 to book a time to drop off donations