Corporate & Third Sector Friends

Eliminator Pest Control

Marc at Eliminator Pest control is one of our heroes! Meeting us through social media he realised he could help us and donated time and effort with a Pest control contract for Matthew’s House. He completes his very pleasant and VERY professional visits monthly and we are stunned by his generosity towards us.

Coakley-Green fish & Seafood

The freshest fish in the south! The girls in this market stall are everyday heroes. They basically give us fish off cuts by the bucket load. The reason is when people buy fish, they buy it by how it looks. So the girls cut it in a way to make it beautiful and with that they donate all the beautiful fresh offcuts to us – We are so lucky – Someone say salmon fishcakes?

Bemis LTD

What a company! The lovely ladies at Bemis, heard about us, met with us then started working away and we became their outlet for their “Supporting the Homeless” Campaign. Through this period they donated a year’s worth of laundry tablets and softener as well as ¼ of a tonne of food to Matt’s Café – What a friend they are! Let’s see what else they have in store for us.

The Choice is Yours

The vegetable stall in the market is an absolute treat to be friends with. All the ugly veggies and the ones that would be binned that day get donated to us in mounds! Helping matts café make the very VERY lush meals it does!

Swansea Lifts Group

A super company giving Matthew’s House a super lift and a super service. As a friend Swansea Lifts support us with a very professional and personal gift of talent and trade to ensure MH has the best services available

Abertawe Heating and Plumbing Limited

With a great beautiful building comes great and beautiful responsibility but with a team like the ones at “Heating and Plumbing” on our side we are sure that one of the biggest tasks of plumbing, water and gas is covered very well and with superb support.

Lovely Stuff

What a hero! Super Rich cannot do anymore to make us look incredible! Every bit of branding has been passionately thought out with hours and hours of expert time donated. Having a Mind and talent as good as the ones at Lovely Stuff Studios behind us allows us to be bigger and better in everything we do!

PES Security Systems

PES – What a crew. These team at PES are a very enthusiastic hard working and efficient one! Giving us donations of time and skills and even equipment they help us keep our eyes on all services and our ears on the ground creating the safest possible place for our services to be run through.

Storm shield Roofing

Mick and the team at Storm shield roofing are just Awesome! They are accountable, reliable, very pleasant and willing to help in an instant once they knew what we do at Matthew’s House. Since day one when they cleared the foliage on our old roof they have been ready to help again and again and we couldn’t thank them enough for their donation of skill and time.

Steve Sax

Project Build – Community Fundraising.

 07583 577 399

07779 641 008