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We offer dignity through a homely large shower room to the city’s rough sleepers and most vulnerable people on a referral system.

Matt’s Showers

Matt’s Showers had the support of POBL and Tesco in 2018 to redevelop a busted shower room, rebuild drains and remake a beautiful, colourful and large shower room that we love to share with those in need..

Matt’s showers can be used during opening times on a Monday and Tuesday through a referral and we provide everything needed for the guests to use. Alongside our showers, guests can use our laundry. We have temporary clothes sets so individuals can put their clothes to wash, jump in the shower and the clothes will dry as they enjoy some of our home cooked delicious food in the cafe area.

We believe feeling clean and fresh can make anyone feel hopeful, feel new and feel ready for life’s challenges and this is one of the ways we love to bring hope at Matthew’s House. Since the start our showers have been used over 130 times. Each time we have got to know a person, connected and learnt more about their stories. Because of this we can help further and that is why the referrals are so important.

One story we have is this. A vulnerable older person living alone and anxious visited us one day just for a shower. they hadn’t washed in weeks. their hot water was bust and they had no one at all. Within minutes we manage to connect them with a support service to help them, refer them and even better we worked with them to contact their housing provider who sent a plumber the next morning to fix something that could have been going wrong for some time longer. They still had a shower, they left feeling a new person with an extra skip in their step knowing their home was getting the attention it needed. Sometimes it can take a long time to fix something, this day it didn’t.

Thank you for supporting Matthew’s House and our expressions of giving Hope. If you would like to get involved or support more , please do!

Make a referral to Matt’s Showers

We have professional partners across the city who can refer guests to use our shower and laundry services. These partners ensure that individuals are being supported through their difficult moments. Some of our referral partners are The Wallich, Goleudy, Zac’s Place, Crisis, Shelter Cymru and Swansea council. If someone without support is in need of a shower, we aim to work with them to make sure they are then being supported and gain a referral. If you are a support service who would like to refer someone for us to support in this way please email