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We provide a referral based laundry service focused to serve rough sleepers and the most vulnerable in our city.

Matt’s Laundry

Thanks to support from Steve Tanner, Home improvements and Swansea City Football club in 2020 we setup our Laundry room with two washing machines and dryers to do a couple of loads at one time. This is a referral based expression to make sure the most vulnerable get supported first but also that people are supported in general by professionals who need this support from us..

Thanks to the Swans for purchasing our equipment and the paint to make it a lovely space to get peoples belongings clean and dry again. Matt’s laundry runs on Mondays and Tuesdays during open times and clothes can be collected on other days if the cleaning and drying takes this amount of time.

One guest shared a wonderful encouragement with us. It few weeks after they had used our services for the first time and they had also just got a place to view.

“I love this place, you really have been there for me at a really tough time. Coming back to wales i didn’t have any idea that i would become homeless but having people like you and a space like this has made this time so much easier for me. Your support with food, the laundry, shower and with the guys to chat too has been so helpful. Thank you so much. I came today to tell you I’m getting my own place very soon”

Matt’s Laundry open Day!

Make a referral to Matt’s Laundry

We have professional partners across the city who can refer guests to use our shower and laundry services. These partners ensure that individuals are being supported through their difficult moments. Some of our referral partners are The Wallich, Goleudy, Zac’s Place, Crisis, Shelter Cymru and Swansea council. If someone without support is in need of a shower, we aim to work with them to make sure they are then being supported and gain a referral. If you are a support service who would like to refer someone for us to support in this way please email