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Volunteer with us!

Can you share your time and skills with us and join our volunteer family? It really could make the world of difference. The support provided by our wonderful volunteers is integral to helping us to be there for the most vulnerable people in our community. With the cost of living crisis, rising rents and utilities aginst low wages and many other challenges the pressures for many of us including those already struggling has only increased. Because of this the role that we play at Matthew’s House and the volunteers have never been more crucial. Volunteers make a powerful difference to people and continue to help us bring Hope and Hospitality to those who need it most in our community.

Volunteer application form

Why Volunteer with Matthew’s House?

As a volunteer you will have an opportunity to:

  • Build and share your existing skills and learn new ones
  • Receive training for roles to take with you
  • Have a positive impact on indivduals in our community
  • Enjoy time to connect with other wonderful and diverse volunteers
  • Find purpose in making a difference and being part of something different
  • Join a new family of volunteers

Together we make a difference.

Matthew’s House really does offer hope and changes lives. In order to achieve this we rely on local volunteers who give their time, resources and skills to help us in many different ways.

We welcome expressions of interest about being a volunteer from anybody who cares deeply about the homeless or vulnerable people. We ask that you also care as deeply about the values of hospitality and hope to everybody who uses Matthew’s House.

There is no such thing as just a volunteer. In our eyes volunteers make the difference and the biggest impact whether it be through a few hours or days a week! Matthew’s House was paid for and started by volunteers.

We want to get the right volunteers, train them the best way we can and help maximise their potential. We understand that each situation and each person is different and we love this. So, once you have expressed an interest in volunteer, completed the application form we will be in touch when a position comes available to fill.

Different ways people volunteer

Kitchen and hospitality

The kitchen is the engine room of any home and we know that Hope is strong through the sheer power of hospitality. Our kitchen teams help to prepare foods, help with sorting and organising and the general running of a cafe, including table service. We have some volunteers who have been around for a little longer with the right skillset who lead the main cooking of meals but welcome more hands to support them.

Gardening and Maintenance

We have a graveyard around Matthew’s House that is kept by our wonderful Roger. Blooming through seasons and clean throughout we welcome extra hands to sustain it’s beauty. We also have a small maintenance team who help keep the building and outside clear, improving and welcoming. If you are interested in helping in this way do get in touch.

Food and Donation collections

Matthew’s House needs donations to run, these could be regular weekly food collections, shop or supermarket pickups or fundraising car loads of practical items. We have a pool of volunteer collectors who help us scurry around the city collecting these beautiful gifts and bring them to our home. If this is something you think you could help with on a regular day please get in touch.

Offering professional services

At Matthew’s House we love to work with our partners and friends across the city that offer support in different ways. For years we have had support services pop along to meet guests and more recently we have regular spots on a weekly basis for support services to sit and welcome the support requests from our guests needing it. if you can offer a specific support service on a regular basis and want to work alongside us them message

Admin & Reception support

At Matthew’s House our reception volunteer own the first impressions to the building, they welcome in guests, accept donations, smile lots and lots and help with some of the more defined support requests. they also help us with admin support such as thank you cards, networking, and other administration task. This could be something you could help with, if this is true we would love to know.

We also have our App Hope in Swansea – Maybe helping us with this is for you?

Our amazing volunteers

Watch this video – celebrating our 2023 volunteers for volunteers week. We love them, cherish them and call them our family and guess what? You’re invited to join us!

If you want to express interest in volunteering for Matthew’s House, please fill in a volunteer application form