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Thom Lynch

Leadership Team & Project Manager

Thom is a passionate and driven person, with a huge capacity to get things done. Again, Thom is one of the original volunteers who inspired Matthew’s House to be what it is today. He is relational and has unlimited time for people. Thom is completely dedicated to making Matthew’s House the best it can be for the city, giving hundreds of hours outside of his role as Project Manager. When asked “why do you help?”, Thom said “Because I just love helping people!”

Ellie Phillips

Fundraising & Events Co-ordinator

A woman with heart and soul for helping people and getting things going. Taking a lead on fundraising and events, she is serving the leadership and direction of Matthew's House in a selfless, willing, and passionate way! A key driver of the project.

Amanda Hardy

Project Co-ordinator

Amanda co-ordinates the project two days a week and volunteers on a Sunday too. You will often find her singing and dancing around the building, which never fails to make others smile. Her positivity is a real asset to the team and a great motivator for all our volunteers. Amanda also leads the Community Choir expression, where she inspires people to sing for the pure joy and happiness of it – and they sound great too!

Shirleyann Plumridge

Project Co-ordinator

Shirleyann’s Matthew’s House journey started by joining our community choir, and then she just couldn’t get enough! She now co-ordinates the project on Tuesdays and Fridays, which she does with calmness and friendly efficiency. She is wonderful at making everyone feel looked after and we are thrilled to have her with us.

Emily Pritchard

Team Leader

Compassion is a word that comes to mind when thinking of Emily. Emily is the glue holding Matthew’s House together. Working and volunteering on top to keep the team organised and recruiting new members of the volunteer family. Emily has incredible energy and joy that ripples through us all.

Rachel Palmer


Mondays (or Matthew’s House for that matter) would not be the same without Rachel. A positive and uplifting influence on us all, Rachel keeps our admin, reception and Hope in Swansea app up to date and running. She is so kind and always willing to help out in any way she can. Rachel is a true ambassador of Matthews House, taking a lead in thanking people for their generous contributions. She can also be heard using her lovely voice in our choir!

Pam Milford


Pam is a joy to be around, always smiling and joking and has a real can-do attitude which rubs off on the rest of the kitchen team. She is an experienced and skilled volunteer, and great at taking newbies under her wing, showing them the ropes and making their Matthew’s House experience wonderful. It’s always a pleasure to serve alongside Pam.

Roger Fellows

Maintenance & Buddy

Maintenance, development, and upkeep is core to sustaining any project and even more so with a big home like ours. Roger is superbly in love with Matthew's House and has the vision to keep it strong and sustainable. Very experienced, equipped, and talented, Roger is our fire and safety officer, gardener/grower, and Buddy. With empathy in abundance, he is a huge asset to the project.

Sally Lynch

Matt’s Café Deputy

A key volunteer from the very beginning, running the kitchen and planning the menu with imagination. Sally is keen and up for the massive challenge of making the best meals with a crazy and random bunch of ingredients. Always inspiring others to try something new and give it a go – no challenge is too big!

Roger Hannibal


Governor of the Grounds. No matter the weather or the task Roger ensures each weed, flower and blade of grass knows its place at Matthew’s House and they all sing to his tune! Roger has spent many days, hours, and much effort to make the building surrounds a well-kept and lovely place to visit. Matthew’s House wouldn’t be the same without him.

Sharon Humphreys


Sharon, a woman of compassion and calmness. Sharon manages reception, serves in the kitchen, and looks after the showers and laundry. She loves to be at the heart of the team and share her ideas, passion, and joy with all of us. This infectious character is one that lifts all moments and brings a warm and gratifying feel to the project and our guests. Certainly someone who finds joy in seeing other succeed!

Claire Rees

Tuesday Team Deputy

Claire is another incredible woman who has just owned her role from day 1, always putting herself first for each task and a lover of showing others how to do things well. Our favourite thing about Claire is her joy in the small things and the really lovely laugh she shares when doing so. It's certainly one everyone who hears will remember. A lovely Lady with a laugh and character both as infectious as each other!

Gill Davies


Gill truly is one of our superstars cooking up some delicious meals in the kitchen and looking after the team. She is also a key member of the Hope in Swansea team, making endless phone calls and emails to make sure the app is the best it can be. Gill is a ray of sunshine willing to help with any task and always with a lovely smile on her face. A great team player and true asset to Matthews House.

John Palmer

Deputy & Buddy

John is a dab hand at most jobs at Matthew’s House, creating delicious meals in the kitchen, fixing and building things, collecting donations, and conducting research. He loves being busy and there is no job he won’t do. John is also a fantastic ambassador for Matthew’s House in his day-to-day life. He is a warm, vivacious person who loves to make people laugh and feel welcomed – crucial characteristics to his role as one of our Buddies.

Phil Morris


Phil is the calm in the midst of any storm. Experienced and skilled in the kitchen with a creative eye for how to use all the different kinds of foods we have donated. He will try his hand as most things; painting, pressure washing, making dignity packs. He is always ready to jump in to cover shifts and generally help wherever he can. As a friend to the project since the very beginning, we are chuffed to have him in the team.

John Tresidder

Chair of Trustees

John is the Chairman on our Board of Trustees. He leads by example with a wealth of invaluable experience to share. Dedicating his free time to help us develop and grow. His heart and soul for the project shines through in everything he does.

Hannah Lynch

Safeguarding Officer

Hannah was one of the first people to step into Matthew’s House and has been a leading member ever since. With years of experience, she is a very qualified Safeguarding Officer and we are super lucky to have her on the team. She is incredibly competent, and we know we’re in safe hands under her guidance. Hannah is bright, bubbly and always smiling.

Grant Winter

Leadership Team (Matthew’s House & The Hill Church)

The leadership team is built with a strength of friendship, compassion, and energy to bring hope into the lives of those tackling difficult moments. Grant is a key member of this team and has a passion to see others succeed and be raised up. Grant leads The Hill Church charity as well as a member of the Matthew’s House Leadership Team and his heart and mind is always driven to see the best in people.

Louisa Dwyer

Trustee & Leadership Team

Louisa is a creative and unique individual. She is a member of the Matthew’s House Leadership Team and is a Trustee for the charity. She was one of the original volunteers, key in setting up Matthew’s House and designing that homely feel we are so well known for. Louisa's heart is for loving people which is an asset in leading our vision for the future.

Dawn Bishop


Dawn is long-standing Trustee and member of The Hill Church (registered charity). She plays a very important role in making sure that the charity is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. Together with others, she ensures that Matthew’s House has a clear strategy, and that its work and goals are in line with its vision. Dawn is also a mother and a grandparent, but can still often be seen in a ‘mosh-pit’ at Rock concerts with her husband.

David Ellerby


A leader of The Hill Church, Trustee of the charity and key individual in our finance team, David is someone we can trust with our last rolo! His calmness, his resilience, his wealth of wisdom and his trusting friendship make him the ideal candidate for someone you want to walk through life with – through the highlights and the battles. David has proved for many years that he is someone who can be trusted to safeguard the charity and the Matthew’s House project.

Robin Vincent

Finance Support

Robin was a founding partner of Matthew’s House and a member of the Leadership Team for four years driving the governance and setup of the project from the very beginning. One of Robin’s many involvements over the years has been upholding the integrity and organisation of our finances, driven by his incredible compassion for vulnerable people. His expertise in fraud protection within the police force in his previous life makes him a quality asset to help us safeguard our finances and drive fundraising sustainability.

Allan & Annie Johnston

Cleaning & Facilities

The gentle and loveliest couple you will ever meet! They keep us stocked up with essentials and collect donations from all over Swansea. Better than that they continue to love us all, whether we are volunteers, leaders, or guests they just absolutely love people and in any way they can, they will show it!

Deb Fellows

Admin Support

A key figure behind the scenes, dedicating many years of selfless service to Matthew’s House. Deb looks after some of our volunteer rewards, allowing us to cherish our volunteers, motivate teams and strengthen that desire to keep supporting the work of Matthew’s House. Deb is incredibly resilient and a true friend of the project, always being available to go the extra mile to see us succeed together.

Rich Dwyer


A gift and skillset in one, this genius has driven us at Matthew’s House to levels we never knew were possible. Richard’s relentless sacrifice to keep us looking at the top of our game but heavily balanced with a brand focused on developing relationships, being welcoming, and greeting some of the most vulnerable individuals in our city. Rich has proven time and time again that he is fully invested and loves the project for all it stands for, sharing his gifts for design and branding with us.