Sally Lynch

Matt's Cafe Manager

The volunteer kitchen manager who runs the show with imagination. Sally is keen and up for the massive challenge of making the best meals with a crazy and random bunch of ingredients – No challenge is too big!

Rob Thomas

Matts Cafe Assistant Manager

The engine behind the mind and creation of the dishes, deliveries and Jokes in the kitchen. Rob is heart and soul into the project and brings an immense family feel to the volunteers every moment he's around.

Ellie Phillips

Project Co-ordinator

A woman who is heart and soul for helping people and getting things going. Leading THPS project and growing the teams in every way she can, she is serving the leadership and direction of Matthew's House in a selfless, willing and passion way! A driver of the project.

Thom Lynch

Project Manager

Thom Is a passionate and driven person with an ability to be completely relational the whole way through making each task personal and completed with passion. Even with this role Thom spends his free time continuing to make all at Matthew's House click and work! 'Why do you help?' 'Because I just love helping people!'

Louisa Dwyer

Creative Director

Louisa is a creative and unique individual. One of the originals and core setup up team and designer of the homely feel that Matthew's House expresses. Louisa's heart is for loving people and making a home feel more of a home is her key role as well as leadership and direction of where Matthew's House is heading.

Roger Fellows

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance, development and upkeep is core to sustaining any project and even more so with a home. Roger is superbly in love with Matthew's House with a design to keep it in a strong and sustainable way. Very experienced, equipped and talented to make it happen and fit it up. With many other roles including as he is such a serving soul he is primarily the Leader of maintenance.

Robin Vincent

Matthew's House Leader

Robin - a super human with huge responsibility, taking on every challenge thrown at him. Leader of the leadership team and the glue that keeps it all together he relentlessly gives his time, energy and commitment to driving Matthew's House into delivering what it exists for!

Allan & Annie

Cleaning & collector team

The gentle and loveliest couple you will ever meet! they are our top shoppers for our stocks and collect from all over Swansea and better than that they continue to love us all, whether we are volunteers, leaders or guests they just absolutely love people and in anyway they can, they will show it!

Matt Stott

Monday Team Deputy

Matts café’s very own #Makeithappen captain. Matt has the ability to know a task and get it done before most even think about it, he is a leader, witty and strong helping the team grow around him. If anyone has a question then he is your man, a helper to many!

Hannah Davies

Matt's Cafe Volunteer

Sunday night’s weather lady (Always makes the shift a breeze). Hannah has been core to Sunday night serving times since the early days and is one of our most committed and competent leaders, showing others how to do it the best way with the most fun. She makes Sundays like a breeze in the park even when we serve over 80 meals in 1 hour!

Sam Ponting

Sunday Team Deputy

Sam is energy and smiles constantly. She is our queen of mischief and jokes and really loves mixing and bring our little and lovely community together. She goes above and beyond for Matthew's House, taking it with her into her main job, her personal life and anywhere she can. Many times she has helped us improve what we do and we are so thankful for her serving heart.

Dean Mansfield

Tuesday Team Deputy

Dean has effortlessly transitioned into a key member of our teams at Matthew's House and brings a wealth of experience as well as passion, competence and willingness with him! a great character to grow alongside with, someone always with a cheeky smile and willing to help absolutely anyone out - That's why we love him!

Roger Hannibal

Chief Groundskeeper

Governor of the Grounds. No matter the weather or the task Roger ensures each weed, flower and blade of grass knows its place at Matthew’s House and they all sing to his tune! Roger has spent many days, hours and much effort to make the building surrounds a well-kept and lovely place to visit!


Monday Team Deputy

Maija an absolute engine and machine at Matthew's House. She beats you to every task and effortless flies around the kitchen clearing up and support other people tasks alongside her own. Maija brings calmness to the team, brings glue to the effectiveness and a whole bundle of joy to each task, even the mucky ones!

Kathryn Evans

Matt's Cafe Volunteer

Kathryn is always seeking the next opportunity. Since day one she has shown relentless passion and ability to think of new ideas, spread the word of Matts café and deliver, whether its getting more donations from colleagues for pastries or making the nicest meal on the menu – she Just keeps going and we love it!

Catherine Evans

The Homeless Period Swansea Deputy

Catherine is our crazy jewel in the project, someone who loves the fact by what she does helps many, many people around her! She is committed, organised and excitable all the way through, even helping with running and advertisement of the expression and the work that 'The Homeless Period Swansea' Project is doing.

Sharon Humphreys

Sunday Team Deputy

Sharon, a woman of compassion and calmness She loves to be at the heart of the team and share her heart, ideas, love and joy with all of us. This infectious character is one that lifts all moments and brings a warm and gratifying feel to the project and our guests. She just really loves to help others around her. Definitely someone who finds joy in seeing other succeed!

Claire Rees

Tuesday Team Deputy

Claire is another incredible woman who has just owned her role from day 1, always putting herself first for each task and a lover of showing others how to do things well. Our favourite thing about Claire is her joy in the small things and the really lovely laugh she shares when doing so. It's certainly one everyone who hears will remember. A lovely Lady with a laugh and character both as infectious as each other!

Sally Aston

Sunday Team Deputy

Sally Aston is a core team member of our Sunday team in the Cafe. Sally is hard working and committed and is full of jokes and laughter within the team. Sally works full time during the week, however when she has time off from her paid job, she is always willing to volunteer the extra shifts to help out. She is a great team player!