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In May 2016 The Hill Church purchased the building formerly known as the St Matthew’s Community Centre on High Street, Swansea. Previously it had been owned by a charity called the Cyrenians, but they had gone into administration. The building had been renovated to a very high standard and had a strong reputation within Swansea, and South West Wales, for providing support to the vulnerable and homeless.

Governance & income

The Hill Church is a registered charity and a company by limited guarantee. It purchased the building to begin a community project called Matthew’s House, a house of hospitality and hope in the heart of the city. The primary objective of Matthew’s House was to offer hospitality and hope to all that accessed it regardless of background or belief.

Matthew’s House (and Café) will be operated through the governance of The Hill Church charity BUT all income and costs will be managed through dedicated bank accounts set aside for the purpose of Matthew’s House ONLY. This is to ensure that all donor support and all café costs are kept separate from the faith-based income and costs of The Hill Church.

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