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Friendly advocacy and support from trained volunteers to anyone in need at Matthew’s House.

Matt’s Buddies

Friendly advocating volunteers with additional and specialised training to help guide those needing Hope through challenging times. Come and visit us through our cafe opening times where a member of the staff or buddy team will listen to you, welcome you and be a buddy through trouble and try and find the best route out of it.

John & Roger are so kind, listening and giving up thier time for me as i battled through relocating to a new place


Don't know where to turn? Our trained up volunteers will try their best to help

If you don’t know where to turn, you are welcome to turn to us. We cannot promise anything other than we will do our absolute best to figure out your difficult moment. Pop along on a Monday or Tuesday during our open times and chat to a member of the team or receptionist to have a chat with one of our buddies. They are here to plug the gap between feeling lost and finding a route to Hope.