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Corporate friends

Your support matters, you can support us in so many amazing ways through your business or organisation to help bring hope and hospitality to those in need.

Ways your organisation can support us

Your support matters, you can support us in so many amazing ways through your business or organisation to help bring hope and hospitality to those in need.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorships help Matthew’s House deliver key fundraising events including the Swans Big SleepOut and Swansea Half Marathon fundraising. This maximises the funds we raise from these events to support our guests while you are making a difference and adding another layer to your business social purpose and driving customer loyalty.

Corporate Friends of Matthew's House

Through a corporate partnership with us,  your company can directly support the delivery of Matthew’s House expressions and make a lasting impact.  Join us today  with a monthly contribution of your choosing and see how you can help us deliver hope and hospitality and transform lives.

Corporate fundraising

Corporation Fundraising makes an enormous difference for Matthew’s House and helps staff and build team morale. There are so many ways to raise money from organising a cake sale in the office, raising money for Matthew’s House on team building days or maybe even organising a full on charity ball! Check to see if your company offer to match any charity money raised.  Of if you are a company that would like to find out more about setting this up, please get in touch at

Corporate volunteering

Can you support us with volunteer hours?  This could be releasing one or two people to help once a month on one of our café service days  or getting a team of colleagues together for a work day where you will help us out with anything from cleaning, painting, maintenance, food sorting or food preparation – and we’ll even provide lunch to sustain you for the day! Not only will your staff make a difference to Matthew’s House but they will return feeling rewarded. We would love to hear from you at

Payroll giving

Check to see if your company has a payroll giving scheme set up.  This is where you can opt to donate money to us regularly via a deduction in your salary without paying tax on it.  If you are a company interested in setting this up and would like further information please get in touch at

Chosen Charity partnership

We would be delighted to be your Charity Of The Year.  This can range from organising fundraising events throughout the year, having donation stations in your workplace for our most needed items, donating your business expertise or products. Please get in touch at if you would like to support us!

Email our Friends team about corporate partnerships
Email our Friends team about corporate partnerships

Our Corporate Friends

Eliminator Pest Control

Marc at Eliminator Pest control is one of our heroes! Meeting us through social media he realised he could help us and donated time and effort with a Pest control contract for Matthew’s House. He completes his very pleasant and VERY professional visits monthly and we are stunned by his generosity towards us.

Coakley-Green fish & Seafood

The freshest fish in the south! The girls in this market stall are everyday heroes. They basically give us fish off cuts by the bucket load. The reason is when people buy fish, they buy it by how it looks. So the girls cut it in a way to make it beautiful and with that they donate all the beautiful fresh offcuts to us – We are so lucky – Someone say salmon fishcakes?

Lovely Stuff

What a hero! Super Rich cannot do anymore to make us look incredible! Every bit of branding has been passionately thought out with hours and hours of expert time donated. Having a Mind and talent as good as the ones at Lovely Stuff behind us allows us to be bigger and better in everything we do!

The Choice is Yours

The vegetable stall in the market is an absolute treat to be friends with. All the ugly veggies and the ones that would be binned that day get donated to us in mounds! Helping matts café make the very VERY lush meals it does!

Abertawe Heating and Plumbing Limited

With a great beautiful building comes great and beautiful responsibility but with a team like the ones at “Heating and Plumbing” on our side we are sure that one of the biggest tasks of plumbing, water and gas is covered very well and with superb support.

Meat Matters

One day out of the blue a lovely chap Ollie gave us a call to support us, turning up soon after with a freezer full of prime meats started a beautiful friendship we hope to last a lifetime. Ollie is passionate about people and doing good and has decided to support us with a prime meat delivery weekly of fresh beautiful mince for us to cook up some special dishes! Thanks so much Ollie and Meat Matters!

BVL Catering Repairs

Lending us their amazing time and talent for 2021, BVL are servicing our brand new kitchen to make sure it stays in top notch condition throughout! Jo & Barrie are local, offer wonderful customer care and are dedicated to giving back to their community.


The team at iCreate are a brilliant bunch! They have been financial supporters of ours for the past 3 years and on top of this also get stuck in with volunteering too. Pre-COVID we were fortunate enough to get 2 members of the iCreate team down once a month to help us out with the more random jobs, and they are now starting this up again – legends! A huge thanks to all for the ongoing financial and practical support – you are all stars.

PES Security Systems

PES – What a crew. These team at PES are a very enthusiastic hard working and efficient one! Giving us donations of time and skills and even equipment they help us keep our eyes on all services and our ears on the ground creating the safest possible place for our services to be run through.

Elsbe Property Maintenance

Elsbe Property Maintenance are a quality company, run by a truly amazing guy called Ricky. Elsbe support us with pressure washing, waste disposal and fundraising. Ricky is a friend to Matthew’s House and has a passion for what we do. His community spirit and respect for others is reflected in his personality and his professional life. We’re chuffed to have Elsbe on our side!

Swansea Home Improvements

Steve Tanner and his company “Swansea Home Improvements” have been ambassadors for the work of Matthews house since the very beginning in March 2017.

Steve and the team have helped us with getting our laundry room ready for rough sleepers in 2020, Steve has faithfuly donated each Christmas so we can bless our guests even more and then on top of all this, Steve donates a day week to serve at Matthew’s House helping us to really change lives in our city.

Steve Tanner and Swansea Home Improvements are one of a kind and definitely part of our Matthew’s House family.


What a team – from day one of opening our services, individuals from within the charity have supported us. Whether it be menus and ideas for our Matt’s Cafe project or finding new helpers and volunteers, there has been so much. We’ve also had a running team start up with help from SCVS and we now work together on other projects within Matthew’s House. They also include and support us with vital guidance and volunteer training as we work in the volunteer sector and support and build up people of which some started with us as a guest with vulnerabilities. A great support network to help us do what we do.