Sally Lynch

Matt's Cafe Manager

Volunteer Kitchen Manager who runs the show with imagination. Sally is keen and up for the massive challenge of making the best meals with a crazy and random bunch of ingredients – No challenge is too big!

Sharon Williams

Team Leader

A key Leader at Matt’s café and a beautiful face to serve beautiful meals. Sharon has grown into a key player at Matt’s café, Loving every person who comes through the doors looking for that little bit of Hope and Hospitality.

Rich Walters

Team Leader

The Matts café Kitchen engine. Without a whisper Rich makes the whole thing tick – with relentless energy and the most uplifting smile there isn’t a job he doesn’t know at matts café.

Matt Stott

Team Leader

Matts café’s very own #Makeithappen captain. Matt has the ability to know a task and get it done before most even think about it, he is a leader, witty and strong helping the team grow around him.

Hannah Davies


Sunday night’s weather lady (Always makes the shift a breeze). Hannah has been core to Sunday night serving times since the early days and is one of our most committed and competent leaders, showing others how to do it the best way with the most fun. She makes Sundays like a breeze in the park even when we serve over 80 meals in 1 hour!

Chief of the odd jobs! Keith is a typical cheeky chappy always raring to go on the odd tasks. The tasks that will sometimes scare many or people don’t know about Keith see as the next challenge and as long as theres a cuppa at the finish line the job will be complete.

Kathryn Evans


Kathryn is always seeking the next opportunity. Since day one she has shown relentless passion and ability to think of new ideas, spread the word of Matts café and deliver, whether its getting more donations from colleagues for pastries or making the nicest meal on the menu – she Just keeps going and we love it!




Garden Volunteer

Governor of the Grounds. No matter the weather or the task Roger ensures each weed, flower and blade of grass knows its place at Matthew’s House and they all sing to his tune! Roger has spent many days, hours and much effort to make the building surrounds a well-kept and lovely place to visit!

Thom Lynch

Matthew's House Manager

Thom Is a passionate and driven person with an ability to be completely relational the whole way through making each task personal and completed with passion. Even with this role Thom spends his free time continuing to make all at Matthew’s House click and work! ‘Why do you help?’ ‘Because I just love helping people!’