Saturday, 6 June 2020
11:00am & 2:00pm

Why do we need this support?

Matthew’s House, like most things in life, costs money to run. Thankfully we are grateful to our supporters that have always understood this. Without funds we cannot offer the hospitality and hope we want to in the city.

Each year the Swansea Half Marathon is one of our largest fundraising events and has been such an encouragement to our work. The money raised is vital to enable Matthew’s House to keep providing both hope and hospitality that is increasingly needed, now more than ever in our city!

The Half Marathon has been rescheduled for November, but the demand on volunteer time and funds, just like every winter, will be at its peak then as the months from October to January are always our busiest.

This means that Matthew’s House won’t be able to commit as we normally do to the new date of the Swansea Half Marathon, because we must focus first and foremost on the most vulnerable people in our city on the hardest months of their year and that is our priority.

What is the Home Run?

To counteract the loss of such a crucial event in our calendar, we are organising our own “home run” fundraiser to ensure that we can be available for those who need us most in the upcoming winter months!

The Home Run is what it says on the tin. A run at home which will take one hour for the main event and twenty minutes for the fun run following that. You can run anywhere in your home and it can be in one spot or around a location as long as you can be seen online from a well placed camera.

The event will be organised via a Zoom meeting so everyone will need an account setup (easy to arrange) and there are 90 screens available in the “meeting” for the runners. This means 90 households can take part. Both the Home Run and the Family Fun Run will have 90 spaces each.

The Home Run is for those who can run, rather like jogging. You don’t have to be a super runner! We will motivate each other through our screen and it will be for a maximum of one hour. Following this the 90 spaces will be renewed for households in the Family Fun Home Run. Each household is one screen – More than one person in that household can be on that screen!

Some or all of the event will go out on Social Media we hope. But it will all be recorded so that we can publish it later if we wish.

We will have 90 spaces for our Home Run which is focused on people who can run more than a little bit. This running can be a jog and we will motivate each other through it and will be for a maximum of one hour. There is also another 90 spaces for the Family Fun Run. Each space is one screen – More than one person can be on that screen!

To enter the Home Run we are asking for a £10 Donation.
To enter the Family Fun Home Run we are asking for a £2 Donation per household.
When you sign-up to run you’ll receive a link to make your donation

Questions and answers

How old do I have to be to participate?

Any age! if you are under 16 an adult must agree to your sign up, donate on your behalf and be present for your run.

Can others in my household join in for the Family Fun Home Run?

Yes, anyone is welcome on your screen. You sign up for the screen but the whole family, including your dog and parrot can run with you. Your fundraising page can also be a family one or a single one!

I am worried about Zoom & Sponsorship page setup. Will there be help provided?

Yes this is absolutely possible and we can talk you through it on a phone. However we are super busy, organising a citywide effort to feed around 150 each day and to their doors so please google, speak to friends and family and practise first. If all else fails send us a message!

How much do I have to raise to take part?

Through Just Giving we would love for you to aim to raise £150 each screen. But there really is no limit, but every single penny matters so whatever you raise is a benefit to Matthew’s house!

Will I get a T-shirt for taking part?

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic our printers are closed with many other smaller and local businesses. For this event we will post a certificate to everyone as proof you completed the run for us and to say thank you!

Where can I run, because I live in a small place with small rooms?

Anywhere you can move! The run is totally up to you, you can run up and down your drive, hallway, around a room (although you might get dizzy) in a bath, up and down the stairs or just on the spot. The most important bit is that you are moving and so there is no distance or speed requirement at all.

Just enjoy it and push yourself if you feel able. The most important thing will be camera setup and making sure the camera is still and in one place the whole run – Please test this well. Also remember you have to run within the rules of the government restriction at that time!

Will I have to be on camera the whole time?

Yes you will, we want to make sure everyone completes it and make sure that you are with us. It is also encouraging for the viewers as they continue to donate and for other runners who will be watching other runners run with them.

If in the unfortunate event I have an injury or a worry or need the loo what should I do?

Obviously you will need to be confident you are fit enough to participate. We can’t be held responsible for your running environment, but hopefully common sense and the opinion of a few people with common sense will help you.

If you need the loo that is fine. We will have a couple of online stewards so just let them know! You certainly don’t need to stay on camera!!! But if you’re not back in a few minutes one of our team will call you or your next of kin if we have any concerns for your safety.

If you have an emergency. Please message the host or wave your hands until a host has messaged you. We will close your camera and have someone call immediately.

How about music? can I play it in my home whilst I run or through headphones?

We don’t want any music playing so that we can all enjoy commentary, we will also put a motivational song now and again through Zoom to get us all pumped and for fun too.

What if I can't complete the run?

Don’t worry at all. There are a few options for you.

1. You can have a breather and we ask that you do this by stretching slowly and for as long as you need.
2. You can walk the rest of the time if it helps to complete the hour with everyone.
3. You can grab a chair and take five minutes rest. Please do NOT put your camera off until directed so by a tech host for safety purposes.

Any other questions or worries about the sign up or event, please email or message 077 0811 5903