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Thom Lynch

Small but Hope-filled Encouragements to Start Off 2017

By Stories

On Christmas Day one of our leadership team asked a volunteer how much they enjoyed working at Matthew’s House, the reply blew them away – “It has changed my life”.

Another one of our team was messaging a follower on social media, who was interested in visiting … the reason for the interest – “I think it is amazing. You are my inspiration lately, my daily dose of light so-to-speak”.

A Haven in a Crisis

By Matt's Cafe, Stories

A lady came in on Tuesday the 27th of June and had some food. Whilst chatting to a volunteer she expressed her thanks and gratitude because of a situation that had recently occurred.

Basically she was in the street in the morning and she was robbed. Her purse, cards, bags and other bits. She spent the morning trying to sort things and then remembered hearing about Matt’s Cafe.

A little bit drunk she came in had food and was so thankful there was a Matt’s Cafe in Swansea that was willing to help a person out in a tricky situation. She was thankful to being fed and comforted in a nice place whilst a crisis was in play.

A Call for Help for ‘Matt’

By Matt's Cafe, Stories

We had a phone call from a young lady a couple of weeks ago that was both an opportunity to distribute hope, but also a moment of sadness. This lady was in trouble and needed food. She had spent the day seeking help and someone had given our number to her. She even rang and asked for Matt! The cafe was not open but our volunteers were able to prepare a packed lunch and goody bag that made her day.