Having a period whilst ‘on the streets’ does not bear thinking about! This initiative is to do something to make life that little bit easier for a woman who is faced with that reality. In such circumstances a woman will have limited or no access to sanitary products, or have to make a choice between food and basic comfort.

We are trying to help by collecting, creating and distributing Dignity Packs to vulnerable women and men in Swansea. As of August 2019, we have distributed over 800 Dignity Packs across our beautiful city.

We collect donations from members of the public, organisations and Collection Days at Tesco. We have dedicated volunteers who sort donations weekly and then lovingly fill the packs. Packs are distributed from Matthew’s House and a long list of supporting agencies. Some agencies we have worked with include Swansea Women’s Aid, Cyfle Cymru, WCADA and British Red Cross.

Partnering and working with many charities across Swansea and surrounding areas, we are able to send packs out to those who really need it most and we are not precious about the packs as our goal is focused on delivering hope (in care package form) to the most vulnerable of Swansea. One of our guests who receives packs every month said to us “you’re a lifesaver with these”.

This year we held our first Homeless Period Awareness Week in May 2019. We had a Collection Day at Tesco Llansamlet, a Packing Night at Matthew’s House and a Distribution Day all across Swansea. We encouraged supporters to hold their own Donation Drop-off Parties and received a mountain of donations. This week was a huge success, creating 240 dignity packs and distributing 170 to people who need them.

The Homeless Period Swansea has received support from Swansea City Football Club during the 2018-19 season to rebrand and maximise our outreach. We were even joined by Leon Britton at our annual Packing Night! Huge thanks to the club for all the support!

People make this happen and if you want to be one of these individuals then get in touch and sign up to volunteer! For one-off volunteering at our annual events keep an eye on our Facebook page @thehomelessperiodswansea.

A typical Dignity Pack Contains:

  • Tampons and pads (for women only)
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissues
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Underwear and socks
  • Deodorant/spray
  • Mints and gum
  • Lip balm