Having a period whilst ‘on the streets’ does not bear thinking about! This initiative is to do something to make life that little bit easier for a woman who is faced with that reality. In such circumstances a woman will have limited or no access to sanitary products, or have to make a choice between food and basic comfort.

We are trying to help by collecting, creating and distributing Dignity Packs to vulnerable women (And men in time) all across our beautiful city of Swansea.

We collect at Tesco’s at certain points within the year, pack the packs and then our distribution starts from Matthew’s House. It’s another way of Matthew’s House is able to deliver Hospitality and Hope to Swansea.

Partnering and working with many charities across Swansea and surrounding areas, we are able to send packs out to those who really need it most and we are not precious about the packs as our goal is focused on delivering hope (in care package form) to the most vulnerable of Swansea.

People make this happen and if you want to be one of these individuals then get in touch and sign up to volunteer! – Thanks from everyone in the Matthew’s House Family.

A typical Dignity Pack Contains:

  • Tampons/pads etc
  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • Underwear and socks
  • Small underarm sprays
  • Mints and gum
  • Lip balm/chapsticks