Moving on

Back in February (2017) when it all started at Matt’s Café a Guy in his late 40’s messaged us. It was through a friend and on Facebook that this Swansea lad got in touch with us and thought “I’d like to get involved with that”. This guy before Matts Café had struggled with addiction but recovered well. However the same as many he struggled with isolation and a lack of community around him until he joined the Matts Café Gang. After a month of Mondays he became part of the furniture at Matthew’s house and stayed absolutely core for over 3 months until an opportunity came up. Now from September 2017 this guy is running his own butchers having gained value, confidence and purpose through Matt’s café he is fully set for round 2 of what the world has for him and is still linked in with all the beautiful works of Matthew’s House

“That was Cowin’ Lush. The best food in Swansea – I’m going to give it a new name … Something like Fabulush – Thanks girls that was awesome.” 

Visitor to the cafe

A humble thanks

On a very busy Tuesday (We get many) at Matt’s café, one of our awesome team members was surprised when they stumbled upon a small envelope on the reception desk. When sharing this with the kitchen manager they opened the envelope that was unaddressed together. The Kitchen manager pulled out of the envelope a card, a Thank you card and opened it … Inside read this:

“To Matt’s Café,

Thanks for the good food

16th May

From a hungry person”

How humbling it was for our super servers to be blessed with such gratitude – The power of a costless thanks is more than most can believe.

Small but hope-filled encouragements to start off 2017

On Christmas Day one of our leadership team asked a volunteer how much they enjoyed working at Matthew’s House, the reply blew them away – “It has changed my life”.

Another one of our team was messaging a follower on social media, who was interested in visiting … the reason for the interest – “I think it is amazing. You are my inspiration lately, my daily dose of light so-to-speak”.

“The staff and volunteers at Matthew’s House are friendly, supportive and welcoming. They are always keen to help everyone who visits the space and treat everyone with care, respect and dignity. Matthew’s House, and in particular Matt’s Café is a life-line to many of Swansea’s vulnerable and marginalised individuals, who can sometimes fall through the gaps in service provision. Matt’s Café and Matthew’s House is welcoming to all, regardless of background.”

Swansea City of Sanctuary

A Haven in a Crisis

A lady came in on Tuesday the 27th of June and had some food. Whilst chatting to a volunteer she expressed her thanks and gratitude because of a situation that had recently occurred.

Basically she was in the street in the morning and she was robbed. Her purse, cards, bags and other bits. She spent the morning trying to sort things and then remembered hearing about Matt’s Cafe.

A little bit drunk she came in had food and was so thankful there was a Matt’s Cafe in Swansea that was willing to help a person out in a tricky situation. She was thankful to being fed and comforted in a nice place whilst a crisis was in play.

“I should be housed in the next few days and I didn’t want to go anywhere else in Swansea to celebrate other than to have a coffee here – this place is like no other – its a sanctuary”.

Visitor to the Cafe

A Lovely Gas Man

This month we had a little crisis! Our oven was very poorly. This is used almost daily by our incredible awesome creative cafe team to make the best and beautiful meals for Matt’s Cafe guests. We rung around and eventually came across Eric Collier and Son. They came and nursed our ‘machine’ for nearly 2 hours back to life. During this time our volunteers told them what we do and why… As they walked away we expected them to give us an invoice, but we received this instead: “Don’t worry about the cost, it’s my gift to you. Sounds like a great work you are doing here and fixing that was my good deed for the day

A Call for Help for ‘Matt’

We had a phone call from a young lady a couple of weeks ago that was both an opportunity to distribute hope, but also a moment of sadness. This lady was in trouble and needed food. She had spent the day seeking help and someone had given our number to her. She even rang and asked for Matt! The cafe was not open but our volunteers were able to prepare a packed lunch and goody bag that made her day.