An awesome couple and some crisps

By 27th September 2019 No Comments

One Sunday afternoon at Matthew’s House a young couple came in to donate. Nothing unusual about that. .. but this couple were awesome because they had once been guests of Matthew’s House. For more than six months they had lived together on the streets of Swansea – sometimes in tents. For them, Matthew’s House had been a lifeline. Eventually they got a message about a home being available for them to move into but it was out of county and in mid Wales – more than 2 hours away from Swansea. They moved as they didn’t want to live on the streets anymore. That Sunday they were coming down to Swansea just to say hello, donate to us and thank us for being there for them when they needed it the most. They also said they miss Matthew’s House, Swansea and hope to be back one day! We were very glad to see them again and grateful for their donation of a sackful of crisps.