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Company Workdays – DVLA superstars thank you!

Over the last couple of months, we have been joined by 2 teams from Swansea DVLA who have been FANTASTIC volunteering at Matthew’s House. Over two Thursdays, they completed a long list of maintenance, painting and cleaning tasks, getting our building into great shape. Keeping up with such a big building is no easy job, but these teams made it look easy. Every single chair got repaired and repainted and they look amazing! Our reception walls were prepped ready for some new noticeboards and signage. It’s always nice to be able to welcome guests into a bright and colourful café. The kitchen is sparkling, donations have been sorted and we have even started getting ready for Christmas!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and getting a quality job done. You are welcome back any time. If you’re interested in joining us for the day with your work crew, or supporting with a fundraiser, office collection, or lending us your specialist skills, please get in touch!