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Greenhill Gardens – We need you!

You, our community and family of supporters, are always there for us when we need you! We’re calling on you again for feedback, information, and support. Matthew’s House is full of history, yet our grounds are largely unvisited and not living up to their full potential. We have a vision to redesign our graveyard to develop an urban greenspace at Matthew’s House. We want to promote local heritage, remember those who have gone before us, and celebrate our community. Our plan is to create a place called Greenhill Gardens which will be a peaceful escape in a vibrant city, where we can also remember the poor of the past, celebrate our heritage and look forward to the future. Our goals therefore, are heritage, nature, remembrance, and community. We believe these gardens will be wonderful for enhancing wellbeing, education, employability, and demonstrating what our home has to offer.


If you like the sound of bringing more heritage and greenspace to the city centre, we urge you to get in touch with us to find out more and complete this interest form to show us how you would like to be involved. You might have a relative buried here, know a story about the local history of Greenhill, be part of a community group who would like to visit the gardens once created, or you might be a local resident desperate for more greenspace on your doorstep. Complete the form now or email us on