Family is Important

By 9th September 2019 No Comments

One of our regular guests hasn’t seen his dad for 40 years. He shared this with a volunteer of ours, who thought that he maybe able to help this guest find his dad. With the permission of the guest, our volunteer started to make some enquiries to local businesses in the area’s that our guest believed his dad was living. One day in April, our volunteer went looking for our guest’s dad. He spoke to owners of a cafe and some other businesses locally. Then on the 1st of May, the volunteer had a phone call from the cafe owner who he contacted. The owner had found out who the dad was and how to get in touch. On May the 2nd, our guest met his elderly dad for lunch and have met again since.

Family is important and thanks to the dedication and love one of our volunteers and the café owner, a family has been brought together again.

Thank you all for being part of our family, not all families are family because of blood but because of the love and hope they have for one another and a desire to support and look out for each other. Family is wanting to lift others up around you and helping them to succeed – Big Love, Matthew’s House Family.