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“I’m so happy and proud to have been able to help you, even if just a little bit” – Primary school pupil!

What a beautiful moment!

We manage to get out to schools regularly and get them in for a visit as well as have so many others support us in many ways. Just recently we had one local school share some funds raised, bads of donations and a blanket the pupils had made out of crisp packets, like a foil protective blanket that we can share with someone in need. All great ways to support us but also teach young people about some of the difficulties that people can face through life.

We are firm believers that nobody, absolutely nobody grows up as a young person in life with a dream of being a homeless person or addicted to something, something becomes difficult along their way and the more we can raise awareness, educate and grow strong young people will help us in these battles.

BETTER YET! after the visit from a school teacher, a pupil wrote us a beautiful letter that we read out at our annual volunteer thank you night to encourage all of us. There wasn’t a dry eye in site and it’s a feeling our volunteer family get often when we see others believing in us. This time a child who saw the value in helping others. Enjoy their letter below.


Dear Matthew’s House

My name is ******** and I heard about you through my school *********  and I want to say good job of making the homeless happy and safe.

My teacher came and gave you blankets that we made in class. We all collected the crisp packets, and all had a chance at helping to make the blankets.

I also heard there is food, showers and laundry available, and you help them all to be friends. You have a nice big choir for them and there’s so many things you do but the best thing is you help the homeless and I hope you help many more.

I am so proud and happy to have been able to help you even if it was just a little bit.


Keep up the good work.