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Making Connections

As we run our outdoor takeaway (adapted in response to the Covid-19 pandemic) we see hundreds of people each day who we get 5 minutes to talk to as they wait in the queue. A couple who we have seen each day have expressed real concern about their housing status. Whilst one of them had secured a place in a B&B, the other had been sleeping in a tent. After weeks of failed meetings and connections, we were able to give them one phone number for a contact we have with a local charity. After one phone call that night they were both placed in a B&B together, and their case is now being handled by the right people. Being available and in the right place at the right time, was a life changer for this couple. Thankfully, we had the right connections, but with the use of Hope in Swansea we will have the ability to do this far more often and will every single guest that we meet. You can check out Hope in Swansea for yourself by clicking here!