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An Ex-Soldier’s Story

At Matthew’s House we have wonderful volunteers and Matt’s Buddies, who get alongside people and help them on their journeys. We work with other support services and in relational ways to give someone the hope they need to continue. In this scenario, the person we were able to help wanted to share their experience and sent over these kind words –

I was homeless in Swansea for seven months, and it was really tough. I was put in touch with Matthew’s House, and at first the idea of going there was daunting as I was mentally in a bad place and was living day by day just trying to survive. I have to say that the support from Matthew’s House, which I received from the moment I walked through the doors, has been not only a blessing, but I can truly say that I would be lost and even more isolated if I never took those first steps through the door. My whole experience of the place is so very positive. The food is amazing, the staff are always there showing their support, and their caring and empathetic attitude towards all who go there is amazing.

Over the last year that I’ve been going there, the volunteers always noticed if I was subdued and not myself due to life’s troubles that I’m facing. There would always be someone who would notice this change in myself and always, and I mean always, offer their support to me in any way they thought they could offer. This alone has been a great help as it showed me that there are so many kind and warm people in the world and I wasn’t alone in my struggles. The support and care given to me at Matthew’s House has indeed changed my outlook in my life and my views on life itself. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for the support of feeding and caring for me in ways they don’t get recognised for.

God bless the whole team at Matthew’s House and the volunteer Buddy who has inspired me to be better in my life going forward. Things have got so much better now due to the reasons I’ve written here, and these reasons come from my heart.