We just completed our first month into our new takeaway setup and it was a great success! We were open on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the new times of 11:30-1:00pm for an emergency takeaway service.

Since day one we had been seeing growing numbers of people attending each day, showing that the word was getting out to those who need it. The busiest day saw 84 guests come through the takeaway which was nearly one a minute! Being able to meet and chat to people had huge impacts on wellbeing and crucial connections were happening between guests and vital services (including housing and benefit support). Many of these guests had been receiving meals from our Covid lockdown emergency delivery service for the vulnerably housed since March and took the opportunity to share just what the support meant to them. Some of the lovely comments were…

 “What you guys have been doing is a lifesaver. I’m not kidding, this place has saved my life.”

 “Respect for what you’re doing here. It needs to be said. You’re doing a great job. We are so grateful.”