During the first lockdown in March 2020, we received lots of messages on social media from people asking for help. One message we received was blank, which was quite unusual. Rather than ignore it, we followed it up to say we were here if they needed anything. Two days later we had a desperate response from a woman. She had lost her job and as a family they were stuck with university fees to pay but all funding had been cancelled. She asked if we could support her, and she would pay us back. We made it very clear that we wanted nothing in return and arranged a food parcel to be delivered that same day. The response we got was as follows:

“Thank you, millions. A lovely gentleman appeared at our front door with a smile and provisions. It is appreciated big time. Your kindness is inspirational. From my heart, thank you. Stay safe lovely people”.

The last 10 months have been so hard for so many. What we know for sure, is that everyone has been affected in some way. Messages like this make this a reality. This is why Matthew’s House has always and will always be a home for anyone who needs it. You never know when you might need a little hope.