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One Sunday Evening Crisis

On a Sunday evening in 2024, a young couple came in to Matthew’s House in quite a distressed and anxious state. They had arrived in Swansea in difficult circumstances and didn’t know the city at all, or where to turn to for help. Someone near High Street Station had told them to go to Matthew’s House saying, “If anyone can help you, they can.” It was already getting dark and the temperature outside was near to freezing. Our volunteers welcomed the couple in, gave them a hot meal and a drink and were able to provide them with pop up tents and sleeping bags to see them through the night. It wasn’t ideal but at least they were safe and had shelter for the night with advice and support to come back the next morning.

The next morning, with frost thick on the ground, the couple were able to come back in to Matthew’s House for a wash, a hot meal and drink and for invaluable advice and support from our Matt’s House Buddy advocate. After several hours of phone calls and chats with various support services, both in Swansea and in the area the couple had originally come from, they decided that it would be best for them to return to their hometown. Our lovely volunteers supported the couple out once more with warm clothing, dignity packs and food. We then linked them up with a support service who arranged a train ticket home for them, reassuring them that they would be met at the other end by support services who would assist them in finding a safe place to stay.

It felt so good to see this couple leave Matthew’s House feeling uplifted and loved. They had arrived feeling lost and left us with a clear sense of direction and support. We were so happy to receive the news a couple of days later, that they had arrived safely and to hear that they wished to pass on their thanks to the whole Matthew’s House team. This was their message: “Thanks for your amazing support. Well done for all you do! You are all superstars.”